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6 Week Challenge Before and Afters!

After concluding the last six week challenge (10/27/14-12/8-14) here are SOME of the awesome results we had.


Andrew-Hanna-before-and-after Kim-Atkinson-before-and-after Kreig-and-Karen-before-and-after Olivia-Before-and-After Tatiana-Shvravera-before-and-after

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Why your multi-vitamin sucks!


Few consumer items are as confusing as vitamin and mineral supplements. Store shelves are stocked with various brands of vitamins and minerals with different slogans and lists of ingredients, which can leave a buyer confused. How to choose?

Look for a multivitamin that is in capsule form, so that your body can break it down and it is able to fully absorb into your system.  If you do choose a tablet, be sure that it is speckled and not a solid color (coated tablets are generally worthless because your body doesn’t break them down in time to adsorb the nutrients). Also perform a little test and try to break the tablet in half.  If it breaks easily, then it will be easy for your body to breakdown during the digestion process.  If it is very difficult to break, then it will be difficult to break down inside of you as well.

I suggest that you look for a Vitamin supplement only, and take your minerals separately at a different point in the day to be sure that they get properly absorbed. The all in one, “A to Zinc” concept is simply misleading and a waste of money.  Take a look at the absorption chart below.  It will give you an idea as to how the elements interact with each other in your system when they are taken at the same time.

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 11.12.59 PM

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 11.13.17 PM

As you can see, if you take certain elements together, one will get absorbed while others are not absorbed at all. It seems a little complicated, but as long as you take the competing elements about an hour apart, you should be fine.  But, take a look at this chart when choosing a multivitamin/multimineral supplement, and make sure that you are actually getting your money’s worth!

I do believe that it is important to supplement for your overall health, as it is almost impossible to get all of the essential elements we need from food.  This is especially true for someone who is exercising regularly and is depleting their muscle stores of nutrients.  Oh, and drink a lot of water with your vitamins!  Remember to drink the whole glass or bottle, not just a swig.

Good luck shopping! For those of you who want a CLEAN 100% absorption multi-vitamin NOW, a link to a brand I trust and use personally is below. We have ALL of our 6-week challengers on this multi, and use the promo code “FFLS20″ at www.SNAC.com to receive 20% off not only the multi-vitamin but your ENTIRE purchase!


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Addison and Victor’s SUCCESS Story!



Here is Addison and Victor’s AWESOME transformation and testimonial, if the picture isn’t enough, go ahead and read their story!


“My boyfriend Victor and I(Addison) gained a significant amount of weight after graduating from high school and then we started college. Victor was a high school athlete and I had been much more active before college, but the combination of our new poor eating habits and decreased exercise caused us both to gain weight quickly. After several years of being heavy and not feeling like ourselves, we decided to make a lifestyle change and get on a healthy path. We improved our diets greatly and started regular cardio, and the pounds fell off quickly. However, we wanted to supplement the cardio with workouts that would help us tone and gain strength. We found Fit For Life through Groupon almost a year ago, and we’ve been hooked ever since! The knowledge and support from the Fit For Life crew has kept us motivated and accountable. Victor has lost 50 pounds already and I have lost 40 pounds, for a combined weight loss of 90 pounds! I’m stronger than I have ever been before, and it’s exciting to continue to push my body and see results. We love Fit For Life!”

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Erica’s SUCCESS Story!



Check out how Fit For Life has changed Erica’s life!

“Over the course of last 10 years I have gained over 30 pounds…. I was in the worst shape of my life. In 2012, I made a determination to start exercising, I shed my first 10 pounds just by walking everyday.

 By the end of 2012, I noticed that my weight loss had plateaued, my workouts just weren’t doing it anymore. I needed to change it up! I joined Fit For Life Solutions in 2013 at 136 pounds, I had NO self-esteem, my confidence was gone and I was always the first to give up. But, I kept coming back and working harder. As a result, my clothes were fitting looser and my energy level took a boost! For the first time in a very long time I started to believe in myself and trust in Fit For Life Solutions… 

 I started to get stronger and Chris @ the Mountain View location helped me set my first goal, planned a challenge, and created a meal plan! Dieting was one of the hardest things to change but Chris kept reminding me of its importance and continued to challenge me. His words will always ring in my ear, “This is not a diet or quick fix, this is a life style change and a way of living, so if you want results there are no breaks or cheat days”. I gave it a shot and tried the meal plan, I mean what did I have to loose—more FAT?!?!?!

 AND I DID, I lost 11% body fat in 8 weeks. I feel great and I just set my second goal! Its such a powerful feeling to know that I have the support and expertise of the trainer(s) at Fit for Life Solutions and a community of like-minded people who push each other to succeed.

 People say I’m crazy for getting up early for BOOTCAMP and I say it’s worth it. I’m worth it! Fit For Life Solutions makes the IMPOSSIBLE – POSSIBLE! JUST BELIEVE!

 *Special shout out to my Husband who has been very supportive throughout!”


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Erik’s SUCCESS Story!

Erik Before and After



CHECK OUT Erik’s freakin awesome, life changing, inspiring SUCCESS story!

“November 18th 2013… From that date forward I decided to live a healthier life by working out more then just one-day week and decided to also start eating better. I’ve always been in shape by playing soccer since I was 6 years old and to see myself “balloon” up to 235lbs was hard. I was lazy and a couch potato, so I had to change but who hasn’t said that before, this time it was different though! When I first started I had set a goal to loose 65lbs and I knew it was going to be a challenge that I took on with my target goal weight at 170lbs and 3 ½ months to do it. I can now say I’m happier person with a lot of energy and LOVE to workout. 

 I started with Fit For Life Bootcamp on December 30th, 2013 and from that date till now (March 2014, 3 months!) I have lost 45+lbs!!!!!!! Now that my friends and family see me and ask me if I’m on diet, I just tell them that I’m living a better life with a consistent exercise routine and eating better. Fit For Life has REALLY changed my life (Thanks Trainer Keith!) and the workouts really have helped me lose the weight and put on muscle! If you show up and really work hard you will see results, everybody asks me what’s your fat-loss secret and I just tell them HARD WORK, DEDICATION… Oh and of course FIT FOR LIFE!



 Erik Perez”

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Bridget’s SUCCESS Story!



See what Bridget had to shortly say after we put her membership with Fit For Life on hold for a few months, She will be back, they all come back! hahaha

“I absolutely love the classes so i’m not sure how long I can stay away!  By the way, thanks for having such an awesome program,  it helped me ssooooo much, I dropped 30 pounds,  drop 2 dress/pant sizes andI can finally do some pull ups!  Yay!”

We will see you back soon Bridget! Enjoy your results :)

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Julie’s SUCCESS Story!



A picture says a thousand words, check out that “Before and After” picture! After an awesome transformation like that, here is something short and sweet from Julie about how Fit For Life changed her life!

“I’ve been working out with Fit For Life since 2009 and can’t imagine life without it!  The trainers keep the workouts fun but are constantly challenging me to do new things! I’ve lost over 50 lbs, and continue to drop and keep it off! I look forward to seeing what every new day brings, I’ve never felt stronger and I love to continue to push my limits and do things I never thought I could do. My kids love to see me dressed up to go work out, because when I return, they know I have more energy for the fun they want to have! Fit for Life has truly changed my life!”

Julie has been with us for YEARS and continues to keep at her goals and motivates NEW boot campers everyday, thank you Julie for being such a concrete part of Fit For Life!

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Kelsey’s SUCCESS Story!



Check out Kelsey’s awesome SUCCESS story and “Before and After” picture! Fit For Life has helped her reach her goals, but more importantly helped change her lifestyle for the better!

“I have been an athlete my entire life and even played water polo at the Division 1 level in college, so I was a little lost when it came to working out on my own after graduating in 2010.  For the first couple of years after the end of my water polo career, I continued to live the same lifestyle (eating everything in sight) without adopting any exercise routines….  needless to say, the result was not what I was a good one!  Fortunately, I took a chance with Fit For Life bootcamp when I came across their Groupon in an email.  It was close to my house and I knew that I needed to make a change, so I gave it a shot!

 I was able to convince a friend to join me and after our first day we were HOOKED – and exhausted!  The fast pace and variety of exercises really keeps you engaged and works your entire body.  I also really enjoy the atmosphere of the group – there is a great balance between encouragement and competition amongst the members.  Within the first couple of months, I started to see results, but I was not completely happy with my progress from exercise alone so I chatted with my trainer.  He helped guide me in terms of my eating habits – “Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym!” – I followed his guidance about the types of food to eat and that is when I really started seeing results! 

 My change in diet (going from fast food to REAL food), combined with the full body exercise routine provided by Fit For Life really works.  I will preface this next part by saying that I am 5’4” – in February of 2013, I weighed 145 lbs. with 27% body fat. By June 2013(Only 4 months!) I had dropped from a size 8 to a size 4 and I weighed 124 lbs. with 20% body fat. 

 Fit For Life WORKS – I absolutely love the classes! I went from not being able to do a single push-up on day 1 to doing over 100 push-ups in a single workout in a matter of months.  Beyond the weight loss and general sense of accomplishment after a difficult workout though, I really enjoy being a part of this group of people and working with these trainers – the classes are fun and actually make me look forward to my alarm going off in the morning!”

Thanks for sharing with the Fit For Life family! you are an inspiration to everyone!

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Athena’s SUCCESS Story!



Check out Athena’s AWESOME testimonial about how Fit For Life changed her life!

“Before I joined Fit For Life, I was an inactive couch potato! I had no energy and was stuck in a vicious cycle of eating the wrong foods, getting tired, then eating some more!! I hated going out in public, even if it was just to the grocery store, getting dressed was a horrible issue for me…. I was out of shape, overweight, and had no energy! Since I have joined Fit For Life, I have gained energy, endurance, strength and have dropped 30 lbs! 

I have zip lined over canyons and Agave fields in Cabo San Lucas… dived off a catamaran into the Atlantic Ocean & swam with sharks off Key West, and felt BEAUTIFUL in my skin while doing it! While sunbathing on the beaches of Cancun… hiked to the top of Mount Tabor in Israel… and rode a camel in Jordan! Fit For Life changed my life, and led me to do so much than I ever expected I could! Other bootcamps and gyms in the area are no comparison, believe me when I say, “I’ve tried!” and  I ALWAYS come back to  Fit For Life Bootcamp. Best value. Best results.

-Athena M.”

We love having you in our fitness family Athena! Thank you for sharing :)

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Christine’s SUCCESS Testimonial!



“I have been a member of Fit For Life since November 2012. One of my friends had purchased a month trial through Groupon for Fit For Life and since she was injured, and she didn’t want the Groupon to go to waste, she gave it to me!

I not only enjoy the entire staff who put up with my horrible jokes and bantering, but it’s also the members that keep me inspired. Everyone works out at their own level/pace with the help and encouragement of their awesome trainers and it’s inspiring to watch members progress as they keep getting stronger and meet their personal goals over and over!”

Thanks Christine! We love having you as part of our Fit For Life family, and keep the jokes coming! haha

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