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Bridget’s SUCCESS Story!



See what Bridget had to shortly say after we put her membership with Fit For Life on hold for a few months, She will be back, they all come back! hahaha

“I absolutely love the classes so i’m not sure how long I can stay away!  By the way, thanks for having such an awesome program,  it helped me ssooooo much, I dropped 30 pounds,  drop 2 dress/pant sizes andI can finally do some pull ups!  Yay!”

We will see you back soon Bridget! Enjoy your results :)

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Julie’s SUCCESS Story!



A picture says a thousand words, check out that “Before and After” picture! After an awesome transformation like that, here is something short and sweet from Julie about how Fit For Life changed her life!

“I’ve been working out with Fit For Life since 2009 and can’t imagine life without it!  The trainers keep the workouts fun but are constantly challenging me to do new things! I’ve lost over 50 lbs, and continue to drop and keep it off! I look forward to seeing what every new day brings, I’ve never felt stronger and I love to continue to push my limits and do things I never thought I could do. My kids love to see me dressed up to go work out, because when I return, they know I have more energy for the fun they want to have! Fit for Life has truly changed my life!”

Julie has been with us for YEARS and continues to keep at her goals and motivates NEW boot campers everyday, thank you Julie for being such a concrete part of Fit For Life!

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Kelsey’s SUCCESS Story!



Check out Kelsey’s awesome SUCCESS story and “Before and After” picture! Fit For Life has helped her reach her goals, but more importantly helped change her lifestyle for the better!

“I have been an athlete my entire life and even played water polo at the Division 1 level in college, so I was a little lost when it came to working out on my own after graduating in 2010.  For the first couple of years after the end of my water polo career, I continued to live the same lifestyle (eating everything in sight) without adopting any exercise routines….  needless to say, the result was not what I was a good one!  Fortunately, I took a chance with Fit For Life bootcamp when I came across their Groupon in an email.  It was close to my house and I knew that I needed to make a change, so I gave it a shot!

 I was able to convince a friend to join me and after our first day we were HOOKED – and exhausted!  The fast pace and variety of exercises really keeps you engaged and works your entire body.  I also really enjoy the atmosphere of the group – there is a great balance between encouragement and competition amongst the members.  Within the first couple of months, I started to see results, but I was not completely happy with my progress from exercise alone so I chatted with my trainer.  He helped guide me in terms of my eating habits – “Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym!” – I followed his guidance about the types of food to eat and that is when I really started seeing results! 

 My change in diet (going from fast food to REAL food), combined with the full body exercise routine provided by Fit For Life really works.  I will preface this next part by saying that I am 5’4” – in February of 2013, I weighed 145 lbs. with 27% body fat. By June 2013(Only 4 months!) I had dropped from a size 8 to a size 4 and I weighed 124 lbs. with 20% body fat. 

 Fit For Life WORKS – I absolutely love the classes! I went from not being able to do a single push-up on day 1 to doing over 100 push-ups in a single workout in a matter of months.  Beyond the weight loss and general sense of accomplishment after a difficult workout though, I really enjoy being a part of this group of people and working with these trainers – the classes are fun and actually make me look forward to my alarm going off in the morning!”

Thanks for sharing with the Fit For Life family! you are an inspiration to everyone!

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Athena’s SUCCESS Story!



Check out Athena’s AWESOME testimonial about how Fit For Life changed her life!

“Before I joined Fit For Life, I was an inactive couch potato! I had no energy and was stuck in a vicious cycle of eating the wrong foods, getting tired, then eating some more!! I hated going out in public, even if it was just to the grocery store, getting dressed was a horrible issue for me…. I was out of shape, overweight, and had no energy! Since I have joined Fit For Life, I have gained energy, endurance, strength and have dropped 30 lbs! 

I have zip lined over canyons and Agave fields in Cabo San Lucas… dived off a catamaran into the Atlantic Ocean & swam with sharks off Key West, and felt BEAUTIFUL in my skin while doing it! While sunbathing on the beaches of Cancun… hiked to the top of Mount Tabor in Israel… and rode a camel in Jordan! Fit For Life changed my life, and led me to do so much than I ever expected I could! Other bootcamps and gyms in the area are no comparison, believe me when I say, “I’ve tried!” and  I ALWAYS come back to  Fit For Life Bootcamp. Best value. Best results.

-Athena M.”

We love having you in our fitness family Athena! Thank you for sharing :)

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Christine’s SUCCESS Testimonial!



“I have been a member of Fit For Life since November 2012. One of my friends had purchased a month trial through Groupon for Fit For Life and since she was injured, and she didn’t want the Groupon to go to waste, she gave it to me!

I not only enjoy the entire staff who put up with my horrible jokes and bantering, but it’s also the members that keep me inspired. Everyone works out at their own level/pace with the help and encouragement of their awesome trainers and it’s inspiring to watch members progress as they keep getting stronger and meet their personal goals over and over!”

Thanks Christine! We love having you as part of our Fit For Life family, and keep the jokes coming! haha

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Cindy’s SUCCESS Story!



Cindy’s results are crazy! Same dress….. bbbuuuuttt it fits ALITTLE different this time! We are so proud of her, and thankful she wanted to share to inspire the rest of the Fit For Life family!

Who am I?  A very important question I asked when I found myself as a 48 year old mom who had lost sight of herself.  My kids are fantastic and challenging and I love my role as their mom. What I have done is lost focus on myself.

 I’ve gained 40 lbs over the past few years. I eat cookies to reward myself. I eat late at night when I’m finally alone and my world is quiet and not demanding my time. I feel awful. What am I telling my kids with my actions – that it is okay to do everything for them and nothing for me?

 I found Fit for Life Solutions through a Groupon. With both boys in summer camp, I decided to try getting some physical activity back in my life. I’ve NEVER been athletic and am not one to be motivated to do exercise on my own. Group classes have always worked best for me but I had never done a Boot Camp and was a bit intimidated. To my surprise and delight, there were other “me – like” participants in the class. All ages, all sizes, all levels, this looked promising. The instructors were supportive and fun. I could do modified versions of the workout in the beginning and slowly found myself getting stronger, having more stamina and doing more.

 I did my four week promotion and was sold. I was feeling so much better, being active helped me sleep better, feel more energized and my clothes weren’t as tight. I decided to go WAY out of my comfort zone and pay for a full year in advance and maintain this good feeling. For me this was HUGE as I don’t budget for “extras” for myself but I decided to take a leap for myself!

 Boot Camp was a great catalyst. I was feeling great and seeing results, so I took the next step and cut out my late night snacking, and began curbing my emotional eating. Now without making any drastic changes – no dieting and a 4 day commitment to exercise I’m seeing inches and pounds go away.Before I realized it in 3 months I had lost almost 20 pounds and dropped 2 jean sizes!

 Now that summer is over and my schedule is dictated by my boys’ needs and schedule, I find myself making Boot Camp a priority. Switching my class times around other obligations.  I’ve even started training for my first 5K with another Fit For Life Boot Camp friend! I am NOT a runner, but have found that I can run a mile, after doing laps several times a week at Boot Camp and can run 3.1 miles in a couple of months.

 I want to thank Roy, Beau, Keith and Bo for creating an environment and community that have made me healthier, happier and “younger”. Yes, my mid-life crisis is in reverse now thanks to the combination of weights, cardio, resistance, support and FUN this team has provided.  I’m looking forward to a year of continued results and discovering how much more I can do and become.


Thank you for this amazing story Cindy and the shootouts to the Fit For Life staff, we appreciate you! And you are NOT done with your transformation!

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Denise’s SUCCESS Story!



Here is Denise! She is a Fit For Life family member from our Fresno/Clovis location. She shows in her “then and now” picture above that commitment and busting your butt everyday pays off! She wanted to share a little about her Fit For Life health journey.

“I bought a Groupon for Fit For Life bootcamp after I finished a four-year adoption process. During those 4 years I didn’t focus on myself at all…. I had to travel a lot and started eating very bad!  I stopped exercising and just focused on the adoption,  I was ready to start an exercise program but was petrified at the same time…. I didn’t want to get a trainer like JILLIAN :)  To my surprise and delight, I didn’t get a Jillian…. I got Matt…. a very encouraging trainer who pushes me just enough (and puts up with my smart mouth).  

When I first started I couldn’t do a lot of the exercises!  I was completely out of shape and totally uncoordinated (but everyone was very encouraging in the Fit For Life family…. including the other bootcampers).  I was given modifications for the ones I absolutely couldn’t do, shown proper techniques, since I did a lot of them wrong, and encouraged to do as much as I could.  

I started feeling better about myself, I could do more of the exercises and I wasn’t giving up at all!  I was feeling more and more fit everyday, but hadn’t lost any weight.… that’s when I changed my nutritional program too!  Now I’m eating right, exercising, losing weight and feeling great!  I’m not done of course, but I know with determination, improved fitness and the help of Fit for Life…I will reach my goals!”

Thanks for sharing Denise, we are proud to have you in our Fit For Life Family!


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Ashley’s SUCCESS Story!


Ashley NOT only has a “Before and After” photo, but she has an amazing story to go with it. You have to give this a read!


I spent my 20’s traveling the world teaching skiing, and climbing mountains. In 2008 that all came to a halting stop. I was tired all the time, I had no energy and I felt like I was losing control of my mind. After a year of searching for answers I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and co-infection. I spent the next 2 years barely able to leave my house. At 5’8” my weight dropped to 113lbs, there was no trace of the athletic muscle left on my body.

Another 2 years and 35 pounds later I was healthy again but not happy about my body, endurance or energy level.  I wasn’t overweight but I was heavier than I had ever been in my life and none of my clothes fit anymore.  After a few failed attempts at starting an exercise regime, I found Fit for Life Solutions in May of 2013.

The first few months I was very weak, I had to modify almost all the exercises, I could barely jog around the field and even the lightest weights were too much for me.  Five months later I’m running around the field no problem, rarely modifying exercise and challenging myself to some pretty heavy weights. My endurance and energy levels are returning. My weight is shifting to muscle and my BMI is dropping back to an athletic level.

I’m still not the athlete I was before but in August I was able to participate in my organization’s Ryde for Lyme fundraiser. I rode 30 miles, a huge feat for me. I don’t think I would have been able to ride if I hadn’t been going to boot camp for the months leading up to the event!”


Great story Ashley, and thank you for sharing and inspiring the Fit For Life Family!



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Todd’s SUCCESS Story!

Todd wanted to bring his story to the public, to show what dedication can do for anyone who is willing to put in the work! Check out his story…

“About a year and a half ago I decided I really needed to do something about my health.  Over years of working a desk job and the time pressures of raising a family I had slowly put on enough weight that I was uncomfortable a lot of the time.  I had tried several times to lose some weight or get into better shape but my attempts were haphazard and my motivation was low.  After all, I reasoned, I ate healthy food most of the time and friends and family were kind enough to say that maybe I could lose a few pounds but I looked OK.  On the one hand, middle age weight gain seemed expected and inevitable.  But   5’11” and 227 pounds was far from where I wanted to be.  I could still remember about 10 years ago when the scale went over 200 and how that seemed heavy at the time and I had this nagging feeling that I could do better.  

Alarmingly, my doctor was becoming increasingly concerned about my cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure and was suggesting (threatening) meds.  I knew that if I could get my weight under control I could probably improve my lab results and keep off medication.  And I knew I had to do something so I stared dieting and managed to lose about 10 pounds over the course of six months or so before I got stuck.  Trying to come up with a way forward, I purchased a coupon for the Fit for Life Boot Camp trial one day but then didn’t do anything with it for several months.  Although I really wanted to change, I had never done any kind of group exercise class I really didn’t think it would be for me.  But I kept thinking about it, knowing that I wanted and needed change.  Finally, I decided to go check it out and attended my first class.  It was really tough, tougher than I expected, and I was sore for a few days but I wanted a challenging workout and I was surprised by how much being in a group helped to motivate me.  And while my inability to perform certain exercises was frustrating, it really fueled my fire. I could tell the trainers really knew what they were doing so I committed to doing whatever they told me to do reasoning that after all those years I obviously didn’t have the right answers.    The results started coming in and I lost a few more pounds.  They gave me some nutrition advice and I took it.  Someone suggested I use an online app to track my eating so I did that.  I was encouraged to take part in a weight loss challenge and I did.  I read online about fitness and nutrition as much as I could, started really controlling how I ate, and attended boot camp religiously three or four times a week most weeks.  I started running and signed up for my first 5k and also did a 5 mile trail run and I’ll be running a 10k later this year.  When friends and people at work started noticing changes in how I look and complimenting me I got even more motivated.  I had to buy new clothes.

Ultimately, during the first six months of boot camp I lost another 30 pounds for a total 40 pound loss over the course of about a year and I’ve managed to maintain that.   I’ve also seen major improvements in my strength and endurance as well as having increased energy.  At a recent wellness check sponsored by my employer everything looked really good and they noted no increased risk for heart disease. The best thing is that I feel good and I’m able to fully participate in outdoor activities with my family while modeling an active, healthy lifestyle for them.  Although it is sometimes a real challenge to fit training into my busy schedule, I feel that the investment in my own health has been well worth it.  I’ll be turning 46 soon and am happy to report that I weigh now what I did when I was 22 and I’m probably in better shape- I can do more pushups for one thing-and I now know what a burpee is.  I truly appreciate all the friendly and knowledgeable people at Fit for Life and the assistance and encouragement they’ve provided.   And the camaraderie and teamwork among boot campers is outstanding.  We always work hard, have fun, and achieve amazing results together!

-Todd Blair”

Todd! You are awesome, we love having you in our Fit For Life family! Keep paving the way for others starting, just like you once did!



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Ok Fit For Lifers….. let’s get real here. Everyone is afraid of “that” word, you know the one that makes you cringe. Yes, I am talking about DIET. But I am here to shed some light on this wonderful word that we use usually follow with “uuggghhhhh”!

 Check this out:

 Diet: the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats.

 Does this definition say, “an amount of time where you have to eat tasteless food and be miserable”? I think not…..

 So when I reference a “diet,” I get the look of, “Are you saying I need to lose weight?” But what it really means is what I stated above. I am talking about consistency. That word is one of my favorites, Why? Because consistency always delivers! Make any kind of consistent healthy choices into a HABIT and it will always bring positive results.

 Let’s go further.

 Habit: a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.

 Another definition shows that once this CONSISTENT positive HABIT is established in your life it should be hard to give up. Positive results always motivate people to stick with something, so after being CONSISTENT with this healthy HABIT for a few weeks, it should be hard to give up the positive RESULTS in your life. Why would you want to give that up? You deserve it. After all, you have been CONSISTENT :)

 Here at Fit For Life we try to be the example; to set the standard in our OWN personal lives, so it may trickle down to our clients by practicing what we preach. Who will your positive choices affect? Your kids? Co-workers? Family? Friends?

So, will you be a yo-yo dieter? A weekend gym warrior? Or will you grab your life by the horns, set a CONSISTENT practice of healthy choices that will positively affect your life everyday?

You will likely see a lot of question marks when I write blogs. Why? (<<< see there is another one.) Because I don’t want to provide you with a bunch of information you could easily look up on Google. I want to spark these questions in your mind, get you thinking, to find that source of motivation you are looking for to get you to the RESULTS you have been chasing.

Result: a consequence, effect, or outcome of something.

I’ll end this rant with this.



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