21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Program

Forrest and Roy

For the next 21-Days you will exercise, work hard, and sweat with a smile on your face in our bootcamp! Follow these steps, and you will be a success!

  1. 80% of your results will be from your nutrition. Download a meal plan (for a rough estimate, take your weight and multiply by 10). For example, if you weigh 140 lbs, use the 1,400 meal plan.
  2. Circle your favorite meals on the meal plans, then make a grocery list with those foods. Go shopping, then spent a couple hours in the kitchen preparing foods for the week and putting them in tupperware for easy access throughout the week. Get used to taking your lunch and snacks with you to work, and always eat a breakfast!
  3. Buy 2 cases of water and keep drinking water all day long! VERY IMPORTANT!
  4. Throw out any foods that will hold you back. Especially anything with high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils or refined sugar!
  5. Make sure you eat a few apple slices or raisins before a workout to raise your blood sugar levels.
  6. Take a pair of jeans you can’t fit in anymore and nail it up to your bedroom or bathroom wall so you’ll see it every day. Each day, make a commitment that you will fit back into those jeans!
  7. E-mail me at forrest@fitforlifesolutions.com or Roy at roy@fitforlifesolutions.com if you need questions. If you find yourself at a restaurant or in some position where you need immediate advice, send a text to 650-771-5149 and I will answer your question immediately!
  8. You can do this! You rock! Make it happen!!

Your Trainers For Life,

Forrest and Roy

P.S. – If you want to get on board with our regular program, just call Forrest at 650-771-5149 or go to this website link: www.fitforlifesolutions.com/bootcamp

P.S.S. – When you sign up with us for 12 months, after you complete the 12 months we will buy you a brand new pair of designer “skinny jeans” for up to $300!



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